Communicator For iPhone

The iPhone Communicator is a brand new iPhone VoIP app, available in the app store today. The user-friendly iPhone app provides the users of iPhone mobile with accelerated and enhanced unified communication experience. The iPhone communicator, built-on the SIP platform, allows you to take advantage of the outstanding audio call through the additionally embedded features of Instant Messaging and Video-calling. All what you need to do is just connect your iPhone with Internet and enjoy the experience of minimal cost communication through the iPhone VoIP apps like iPhone communicator. Supported by iOS 5.x, 6.x ,7.x and 8.x the iPhone app is easy to customize, and can be accessed from anywhere, anytime worldwide. But, remember, having downloaded the app, the users would have to acquire Testing Accounts for SIP VoIP, Video and IM testing.
White Label (Co-Branding) Solution is your perfect chance to get more customers and expand your business.

Amazing Features of iPhone Communicator

  •  Audio Call (App to App and App to PSTN)
  •  Video Call (App to App)
  •  Video Conferencing
  •  Instant Messaging / App to App Chat
  •  Group Chat
  •  Call Conferencing
  •  File Sharing ( Picture, messages, images, videos and files Sharing)
  •  Chat History
  •  Geo Location Based Calling
  •  Invite to friend
  •  Background Syncing
  •  Push Notification and Floating Notification
  •  In-app registration for new users using their mobile no. (similar to Whatsapp)
  •  SMS authentication with one time Password
  •  In-app recharge using Paypal and Credit card information
  •  Top-up using credit card or voucher
  •  Recent Call
  •  Phone Book (Synchronize with Phone Address Book
  •  NAT/Firewall support
  •  STUN server Support
  •  Codec Supported :- Audio Codec(G729), Video Codec (VP8)
  •  Registration Timeout
  •  Acoustic Echo Cancellation
  •  Packet concealing
  •  Packet Lost Concealment (PLC)
  •  Comfort Noise Generator (CNG)
  •  Customized with company logo/name
  •  Unlimited user license

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Get enhanced unified communication experience with your iPhone mobile!

The iPhone Communicator is one such way of using mobile phones, whereby the iPhone user can enjoy an outstanding communication experience both nationally and internationally. Thanks to this advanced and innovative technology, the smartphone users (using iPhone VoIP apps like iPhone Communicator, can now make cheap, if not free phone calls to anyone, anywhere in the world.