About Us

Gama Infotech

can be described in many ways owing to its robust performance, distinctive design, cost efficiency, and its enlivening and refined communication experience. The combination of all these traits makes our products stand out among our competitors. Gama Infotech has always been updated with any deviation in the VoIP market, hence leading in providing innovative and advanced solutions to the VoIP Communication Business


We have always remained one step ahead in creating client friendly products and innovative solutions along with our proficient team and up-to-date telecom solutions. Gama Infotech starves to stay abreast with the changing market scenario and often offers unmatched workmanship, superior products, and outstanding service to better the telecom industry.

Who We Are ?

We are a team of dedicated professionals, ready to do whatever it takes to make your business grow

Gama Infotech was established in 2016 as a private limited company but has been working in the VoIP business since 2011. The company has been able to emerge as a global brand leader in developing innovative and reliable telecom solutions in a short period.

With the expertise in developing both client side and server side VoIP solutions, our products have today become the benchmark of quality and sophistication that our customers are looking for. Our team comprises of experienced VoIP market professionals and creative talents, who are committed to maintaining the shining reputation that Gama Infotech Pvt Ltd has earned in the global telecom market.

In its journey of magnificent success, Gama Infotech has had the pleasure of working with many top-notch telecom clients and other small to large companies, all the while helping to shape their VoIP communication strategy. Our clients’ words are proof of our excellence.