Class 5 Softswitch – Fully Integrated and Redundant Wholesale and Retail VoIP Switch

Gama infotech’s

 Class 5 Softswitch offers a carrier-grade platform for business and residential VoIP routing. It can also provide other VoIP phone services such as call waiting call, call transferring, call holding, and call forwarding. A Class 5 Softswitch is used to for call trunking and IP/Mobile VoIP services. This is mostly intended for end users requiring local and long distance VoIP telephony services. Physical switchboards were previously used to route phone calls, but today owing to the advances in the telecommunication industry, software has been developed to route telephone calls via the internet.

The Class 5 Softswitch platform is powered by reliable software based on open interfaces and protocols. It’s a perfect solution for any business looking for an efficient telephone service platform that increases revenue and supports an extensive variety of applications. Any company can augment its revenues easily by offering services such as wholesale voice and SMS termination, calling card (phone-to-phone), call-back, broadband phone calling, all made available through a Class 5 Softswitch.

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