Calling Card Dialer For iPhone

Looking for a better, but cheap calling option? Want to stand clear of the dialing hassles? If yes, then enjoy the benefits of cheap calling nationally and internationally through iPhone Calling Card Dialer. The new and advanced calling card dialer app allows the iPhone users to enjoy the automatic calling facility without the pain of dialing. Particularly designed and developed for service providers, the Calling Card Dialer for iPhone allows the service suppliers to easily integrate and register it their available servers, and allow their clients to make use of it in their iPhone. In addition, it can also automatically manage the routing and dialing of access numbers, Calling Card Number, destination and Pin numbers.
White Label (Co-Branding) Solution is your perfect chance to get more customers and expand your business.

iPhone Calling Card Dialer

Do you like Low rates of calling cards, but not use the dialing? Do you regularly make globally calls? If yes, then iPhone Calling Card Dialer is an ideal app to get you rid of the hassles of making international and automate calls. The advanced, but easy to use app help the users of iPhone devices to make automate call through the calling card. Specifically beneficial for service providers, the Calling Card Dialer for iPhone can integrate and register with the available servers. It can also do automatic management of the dialing and routing of access numbers, PINs and the destination numbers.

Features of iPhone Calling Card Dialer :

  •  Customized with company name / logo
  •  Save / Edit / Delete of Card Details, Card Name, Access Number, PIN, Pause, Prefix
  •  Unlimited user license
  •  Manage Number of calling cards
  •  Highly Flexible and fully automated
  •  Easy to use: Access number & pin of prepaid card can be predefined, users doesn’t need to enter again
  •  Phone Book (Synchronize with Phone Address Book)
  •  Manage Number of calling cards
  •  Work with all standard Calling Card Server

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Get Rid of Dailing Hassles, Enjoy Cheap Rates With iPhone Calling Card Dialer