Spring your VoIP business with Gama Infotech Softphone Software

Just appropriating the Softphone application as a part of the PC device of their office and associating it to the web,
they can get the advantage of nationwide and worldwide calls at exceptionally discreet call rates.

What Are You Waiting For ?

The popular mobile operating systems which is compatible with the majority of Mobile Dialer are Android and iPhone . These OS are used in major brands of mobile phones of the world.

  • VoIP Mobile Dialer
  • Free Mobile Dialer and its Compatibility
  • Mobile Phone OS and Mobile Dialer

About Us

Gama Infotech can be described in many ways owing to its robust performance, distinctive design, cost efficiency, and its enlivening and refined communication experience.

The combination of all these traits makes our products stand out among our competitors.
Gama Infotech has always been updated with any deviation in the VoIP market, hence leading in providing innovative and advanced solutions to the VoIP Communication Business.

  • White Label (Co-Branding) Solution

    White label (Co-Branding) Solution is your perfect chance to get more customers and expand your business.

  • 100% Satisfied Guarantee

    WIth 100+ customers in all over the world, Gama’s innovative Softphone is change the way of your VoIP Business.

  • Start Your VoIP Business With Us

    Start your own VoIP Business with us at very low investment with fully Branded VoIP Solution.

  • Professional Skin Design

    One new professional skin design for your Application or Brand.

Gama Softphone Premium

When Anyone First Hear About The Softphone, The First Thing Strike Their Mind Is What This Softphone Is All About.

Softphone Is Nothing But A Software That Makes A Computer Enables To Send And Receive VoIP Calls Through Internet. So You Can Say Softphone Is The Most Essential Component Of VoIP Because Without This Software Your Computer Is Not Able To Use Internet For VoIP Calls. GamaSoftphone Premium Is One Of The Reputed Softphone Software That Makes Your Computer Capable Of Using Voice Over Internet Technology.
White Label (Co-Branding) Solution is your perfect chance to get more customers and expand your business


What others say about us ?

You people have good capability, quality and learning attitude towards your work. We always appreciate these things of you guys and we are very thankful to you for your support and expect the same for future.. We wish appreciate to your whole Gama Infotech team and your family.. Great Work Done by U Guys Enjoy and Cheers.

Rick DammanCEO

They have one of the best customers service and After sales support you can find around. In fact during my past few years dealing with similar companies they Gama Infotech has the best respond timing either during the negotiation or even after sale!. Thank You Gama Team for the 1st Class service.

Maxi MilliCEO

I am happy with the Gama Infotech All in One Solution which you have provided. It has been working well. I appreciate your work and effort toward to it.

Nick LopezCEO

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