PBX System – A Private Branch Exchange

Gama Infotech has moved a step forward and replaced the traditional Private Branch Exchange (PBX), which is a small telephone switch, with the IP PBX System. Among the range of VoIP Solutions that Gama Infotech offers, the IP PBX system that it offers, is one of the easiest to setup and maintain. Gama Infotech’s IPPBX system enables comfortable integration with the existing telecommunication system such as PRI, analogue, and GSM.,

Furthermore, if you are looking for an upgrade then the expenses are cost efficient as it is done using a software. This high-end technology simplifies your communication infrastructure with ease. The VoIP PBX system permits you to communicate with your branch offices all around the globe with the support of a unified platform, all the while also enabling people to reach you on your extension without really knowing where you are located. Using the Gama Infotech IP-PBX, you could be easily reached on your extension even when you are at another branch.